Within the activity Monitoring and evaluation of sub granted initiatives in Albania Mr. Fusaro, Senior project expert, together with Caritas Albania project team, performed the first monitoring visit to the sub-granted project of Global Care Foundation in Bathore – Albania. The goal of this activity was to have a constant screening of the situation at grass-root level, in order to help the management in evaluating the impact of the project. Moreover, the monitoring will allow the detailed analysis of the sustainability elements. The visit on the field and the analysis of the implementation will represent also a sort of advisory service provided by the Management, because it will identify weaknesses and strengths of each proposal.

Global Care Albania is an organization that works with children in risk. The work of this organization in Albania started in 1999, after the Kosova war. Bathore is a peripheral area of Tirana and it was created by the illegal migration of the population from the rural and isolated area of Albania. The poverty, social and economic problems encouraged the association to start organizing children’s program, including even elements from daily life like school, family, society. One of the main challenges that this association is facing from more than 16 years is the vulnerability of children and women. The violence and aggression against women remains a big challenge. The association in 2001 was placed in Bathore with a social center where are implemented all the activities. Another new center in a different place was inaugurated in 2013.

Together with the association leaders and their members responsible for project implementation it was discussed about social benefits, economic impact, relations with stakeholders and financial sustainability, and management components.

Global Care Foundation in Bathore – Albania