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Support Of CSOs In Empowering Technical skills, Inclusion of people with disabilties and Eu standards in South east Europe

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Project “SOCIETIES” is proposed by Caritas Serbia as the coordinator of an alliance for social inclusion composed by 16 CSOs at European level. 7 of them (6 from South Eastern Europe) belong to Caritas network, who have worked together on different projects throughout the years, sharing common values, joint mission and strategies. Caritas network is one of the most active and committed network in the field of social inclusion of disadvantaged groups. As part of the federation of Caritas Europe, it has also a well-established experience of lobbying with public institutions at European level. Moreover, the alliance is strengthened by other 10 co-applicant CSOs working in the field of social inclusion of persons with disabilities (PWDs): Maria’s World Foundation, Association of Paraplegics of Bar. The NGO Fenix and Naša kuća have been recognized as models in the field of mental health, in supporting social and work integration of PWDs and persons with mental diseases. The NGO CoDe facilitates the sustainable development of the “third sector”. The Albanian Association for Psychotherapy has the task to spread psychosocial method of care while Kosovar Center of Self Help plans on using its bottom up methodology able to involve PWDs in the decision making process. The EU Partners, Caritas Italiana, Caritas Bulgaria, Psicologi per i Popoli nel Mondo and Bulgarian Center for Not-For-Profit Law, thanks to their experience on advocacy and in leading of capacity development process, are capable to reinforce the skills of CSOs and grass-roots organization.

The partnership will count also on the support as Associate of National and Local Authorities and Institutions involved from the beginning in the definition and preparation of the Action: Ministry of Health, Special Hospital for Psychiatric Diseases of Kovin and Clinic for Psychiatric Illnesses “Dr Laza Lazarevic” from Serbia; Municipality of Ferizaj/Uroševac (Department of Health and Social Welfare and Center for Social Work) from Kosovo*[1]; Albanian Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth and National Employment Service from AlbaniaMinistry of Health of Federation of BiH,  Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of Srpska Republic, Center for mental health from Vitez from BiH; Ministry of Health of Montenegro, Center for Social Welfare and Special Psychiatric Hospital of Kotor from Montenegro; Bulgarian Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and Bulgarian Agency for Social assistance.

The general objective of this action is empower the Network, CSOs and grass-roots organization in participation in the public debate and dialogue with Authorities, enhancing their expertise and know-how in order to: influence the policy-making processes and improve and promote social inclusion policies. This goal will be reached through the development of two clusters of activities which aims to strengthen CSOs’ skills and capacities in monitoring and evaluating, in strategic planning and in advocacy.

[1] Under UNSCR 1244/99. (Applicable throughout the whole document for every mentioning of Kosovo)

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