Only persistent and brave go ahead

Name of granted CSO: Association “Lotosica Humanitarian Organization” Tuzla

Title of the project: Only persistent and brave go ahead

Field (disability/mental health/both): disability

Type (community based service/social enterprise): social enterprise

N. of beneficiaries: 56

Area of implementation: Tuzla Canton in northeast of BH

Duration (months+starting date): 12 + 02.08.2017.

Name of granted CSO: Association “Lotosica Humanitarian Organization” Tuzla

Planned project interventions are aimed at improving socioeconomic stability of PWDs through continuous education necessary for a better quality of life and economic security. In order to improve the economic stability of PWDs, it is necessary to continuously train and acquire knowledge and skills that facilitate easier employment and, consequently, reduce poverty among PWDs.

  1. One of the activities is focused on psychological empowerment and self-confidence through informal gathering and organizing a creative expression workshop as occupational therapy. Workshops will last 2 months for two groups of 15 participants. Therefore, 30 PWDs will complete this training.
  2. In parallel, the activities of acquiring knowledge and skills that will enable the generation of income for a particularly vulnerable category of PWDs will be realized:

2.1.- 16 persons are planned to be educated and trained for sewing, and if needed possibly to employee these people in Lotosica d.o.o., a social enterprise founded by the Association.

2.2. Ten male people with a disability will be educated to develop programs and work on the laser engraving system for souvenirs production.

Project interventions will seek to create conditions for employment or for any form of economic autonomy of PWDs. Prospect candidates will be employed in Lotosica d.o.o. whereas other candidates will have the opportunity to work on self-employment or to engage in other companies.