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Inclusion by working

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Inclusion by working

Association “ZaJedno“

 Association for Support of Persons with Psychophysical Disorders “ZaJedno” from Subotica

gathers people with disabilities, their families, professionals, volunteers and others

interested citizens. The aim of the Association is to improve the position of persons with disabilities through the exercise of their right to the life in the community. To accomplish thisthe Association directs its activities to the very persons in need and to raising their capacity to engage, as well as to the community and to the development of an inclusive culture in it. The association was founded in 1986. Beside members and their parents in the association are active also members of the community of various professions: educators, teachers, doctors, defectologists, psychologists, journalists, etc.


Project title:                Inclusion by working

Duration:                    15 months (July 2017 – September 2018)

Description:                The project envisages putting in action dryers necessary for continuous

production of briquettes, as well as training and working engagement of 12 persons with disabilities,on the production of pellets and briquettes in the Work Center for persons

with disability of the association ZaJedno. In the activity of briquettes production 12 young persons with disability are involved, of which 4 are were already engaged in the Center, and the remaining 8 persons are beneficiaries of the Day care centre at the Home for disabled children “Kolevka”.



Address: Đure Đakovića 23/1, Subotica

Email: mnrosu@eunet.rs

tel: +381 (0)24 524 366

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