In early September 2018 Caritas organizations from South-East Europe, together with Caritas Italiana and Caritas Bulgaria, launched a design contest for the mental health anti-stigma campaign under the slogan “IT CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE”.

Campaign had been realized within the project “SOCIETIES” on the occasion of 10th October, World Mental Health Day with the goal to raise awareness and reduce stigmatization, prejudice and discrimination and to underline importance of prevention of mental disorders.

In order to participat in the contest participant needed to send their art-graphic solution that promote equality, respect, understanding and support for people with mental disabilities.

In order to ensure widest possible visibility, the contest was published on a paid ad on Facebook and forwarded to different web portals and to all partner organizations.

A total of 36 art-graphic solution were received within the competition, which lasted until October 10, and on the bases of the online voting three best rated were:

  1. Kristina Posavac Radović from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mostar
  2. Domenico Limka, from Albania
  3. Danijel Broćilović, from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Modriča

The 3 winning authors were awarded with:

  1. Graphic tablet;
  2. GoPro camera;
  3. External hard drive

All other participants were thanked for the participation and for campaigning and promoting mental health.