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Project SOCIETIES is looking for a Video Production Company.

The overall objective of the assignment is to produce a short promotional video with animated illustrations of rights of persons with disabilities based on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.


Terms of Reference for Production of a Video Documentary


The EU funded project SOCIETIES 2- Support Of CSOs In Empowering Technical skills, Inclusion of persons with disabilities and Eu standards in South east europe”2nd phase is implemented by an alliance for social inclusion composed by 12 CSOs. Aim of the project is to strengthen the CSOs’ participation in dialogue with the public authorities and influence in the decision-making processes, by increasing their expertise and capacities in the fields of social inclusion for PWDs and de-institutionalization policies.  Specific objectives are to strengthen the CSOs’ skills in promoting the social inclusion of people with disabilities and mental disorders: capacity building, exchange of knowledge, regional networking, managing of social inclusion initiatives and services, monitoring and evaluating of the social impact; to foster the CSOs’ capacities in the dialogue with the Public Authorities responsible for social inclusion: strategic and communication planning, advocacy, local networking, participation to decision making processes.

Overall Objective

The overall objective of the assignment is to produce a short promotional video with animated illustrations of rights of persons with disabilities based on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

 Specific objectives

  1. Develop a video material with a duration of approx. 5 (five) minutes and 1 short version for social networks (approx. 1 minut).
  2. Video languages: Serbian, Croation, Montenegrin, Albanian and English.
  1. Rights of persons with disabilities is to be included in the video, with its own animated illustration.
  2. Audio description and subtitles are to be incorporated.
  3. All versions to be compatible for internet and TV screening.

Consultancy /Production Company will be required to:

  • Develop the overall concept and scenario of promotional video based on inputs from Caritas.
  • Present a draft video for comments about contents and outlook.

Inputs for the video framework: 

  • Introduction: what is Convention, how, when and by whom was it created, purpose of Convention.
  • General principles: respect for dignity, equal opportunities, non-discrimination, equality of men and women and etc.
  • Rights to be presented: accessibility (Article 9); independent living (Article 19); education (Article 24); trainings and rehabilitation (Article 26); work (Article 27); culture, recreation and sport (Article 30).
  • Obligations of the state: Change of law, protection of rights, elimination of discrimination, data collection.
  • Conclusion: about project and key message

Required qualifications and Experience of the Consultancy/ Production Company

The production companies applying will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated experience and competency in development of documentary /film production.
  • Experience in producing documentaries related to disability or mental health field
  • Technical capacities to ensure smooth, on time and high quality production.
  • Experience in working with non-government organizations is welcome
  • Additional experience in development communication and mass communication will be an added advantage;
  • Clear articulation of capacity and skill, and innovative approaches to carry out the assignment;
  • Capacities to support further broadcasting of the produced material

Duration of the Assignment
The assignment is expected to be finished completely (final versions) until November 30th.

Intellectual Property
All outputs produced in this action shall remain the property of the Caritas organizations who shall have exclusive rights over their use.

The service provider will be paid the maximum amount of 6.000 EUR (without VAT).

Payment will be made in two instalments. 40% payment will be made upon receiving and reviewing the first version of the produced material following the inception meeting and remaining 60% will be made after successful delivery of the final outputs, incorporating suggestions and recommendations from Caritas organization.

Application Procedure

Applicants are required to submit the following:

  • Technical Proposal: Short letter of Interest, stating why applicant considers itself suitable for the assignment
  • Brief methodology on the approach and implementation of the assignment
  • Proposed timeframe
  • Work references related to the topic
  • Financial proposal

All applications should be sent via mail orhan.miftari@caritaskosova.org .

Selection process

Evaluation criteria are as follows:

  • Experience, work references and/or CVs of the key team members to be used on the assignment: 60%.
  • Proposed methodology, approach (creative and innovative ideas) and implementation plan: 20%.
  • Financial proposal: 20%.

Deadline for applications: October 16th, 2022.

For further information please contact Orhan Miftari, via mail : orhan.miftari@caritaaskosova.org .

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