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Respite service

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Respite service

Association for people with disabilities “Plava ptica“


The Association “Plava ptica“ was founded in 1996 in Kula and is engaged in direct support – services for people with disabilities, as well as lobbying and advocacy, initiation and launching of social protection services for people with disabilities. The association has two licensed social protection services: Day care for children and adults with physical and intellectual disabilities and the service Supported housing for people with intellectual disabilities. Since 2010, the Association has been implementing the Early Intervention Service – defectological treatment and rehabilitation of children under 7 years of age.


Project title:                Respite service – Support for a life in the family

Duration:                    13 months (July 2017 – July 2018)

Description:                The goal of the project is to support people with disabilities and families in order to prevent institutional accommodation and to strengthen the capacity of persons for self-care through the provision of the respite service. Through the provision of this services the association aims to increase emotional and social empowerment and realization of independence, in order to prepare the beneficiaries for housing with support, in accordance with the reform processes of social protection. Direct beneficiaries of the project are 80 persons with disabilities with their families from the municipalities of Kula, Srbobran, Odzaci and Vrbas.



Address: Kula, Lenjinova 17

Telephone number: 025/724-177

E-mail: plavapticamnro@gmail.com

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