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Beyond barriers

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Beyond barriers

The association “Word of International Life” from Laç, north of Albania, provides free physiotherapy for persons with disabilities in the city of Laç and its peripheral areas.

Laç is a city with a high number of people with disability and no services at all for this target group. Many people in Lac are also depressed due to poverty and cannot even provide the minimum needs for the people with disabilities. This association has a center that provides services for people with disabilities, like psychotherapy and educational activities, for the beneficiaries as well as for their family members.

The main objectives of this project are raising community awareness about persons with disabilities, offering them a free service and helping them socialize.

It’s very important to give the beneficiaries a healthy environment, to help them physically and mentally and at the same time to facilitate their parents. During the implementation of this project is envisaged the inclusion of a teacher and a psychologist. None of the beneficiaries went to school, which is why it was necessary to involve a teacher, while a psychologist is helping them and the parents in daily life.

Address: Rr. E Tankeve, Prane Fushes se Sportit,  Lac

Email: veramolla@gmail.com

Phone Number: 00355 69 40 29 782

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